The goal of our company, as already stated in the name ICE service, is to provide our customers with a complete ice service. We know and especially realize that our work only begins with the sale of an ice maker, and that's why machine service is in the first place for us.

We try to ensure certainty for our customer that in the event of a machine breakdown, we can repair the machine immediately, for which our trained technicians are very necessary:

  • we regularly participate in Hoshizaki machine trainings within Europe and discuss news
  • we are looking for alternative solutions to malfunctions on our own machines to reduce repair time
  • we are fanatics about our machines and we fix 50% of faults over the phone with the help of a partially skilled customer, because they arise outside the machine (water, electricity)
  • we are often on the road and therefore always close to you
  • our central warehouse in Nitra has a very good logistical location for the whole of Slovakia

We don't try to know something about everyone, but we want to know everything about one. That's why we service only Hoshizaki machines, which we understand 100%